Timetable – details

Timetable in PDF format can be downloaded here: link

Note: we will stick to the Timetable, and no exceptions can be made, this is important for making event running as smoothly as possible. Thank you for sticking to the Timetable.

In details:null

Friday 09-19h, Main hall (1)

Sunday 18-21h and Monday 09-19h, Main hall (1)

Saturday, 09h, Main hall (1)
description: Welcoming talk, “Welcome gifts” pickup, introduction with INFO desk, colored rooms, general info

Ambassador meeting:
Saturday, 11-12h, Meeting Room (4)
-RLUG ambassadors,
-LUG ambassadors whose LUGs are in the process of recognition by the Lego Company,
– Representatives of the Lego Company
description: meeting face to face, no special agenda, just getting to know each other, introductions, spontaneous talk

Saturday, 16-18h AFOL Lounge (2)
description: Topics will be added later

Friday AFOL night:
Friday, 20h-∞, gathering in front of the Main hall (1)
description: visit to the orthodox Serbian restaurant with orthodox Serbian music.
price: 10e for diner and all-you-can-drink nonalcoholic drinks and beer.
participation signing on INFO desk

AFOL Night (Saturday):
Saturday, 19-21h, AFOL Lounge (2)
description: free food, free drinks, games, socializing, lottery, auction, more info [here link kao afol night]
note: everything during AFOL Night is free

AFOL Party:
Saturday, 21h-∞, gathering in front of the Main hall (1)
description: immediately after AFOL Night we will continue in the nearby pub (5 min walk) until we had enough of fun :)
note: drinks are not free during AFOL Party, but we have a discount.

Guided Tour:
Sunday, 11-13h, gathering in front of the Main hall (1)
description: a certified English-speaking tourist guide will take the group trough interesting spots in the city. Please note that tour will be done by foot, but not too stressful, we made sure of that.
note: Guided Tour is free

AFOL Drinks:
Sunday, 17-19h gathering in front of the Main hall (1)
description: farewell talk, few thought about the event, socializing, in pub 30 sec from event.
note: drinks are not free during AFOL Drinks, but we have a discount.

Saturday 12-14h Projection Lounge (3)
Sunday 16-17h Projection Lounge (3)
description: Lego themed stop motion movies made by AFOLs and TFOLs
note: entrance is free

Please allow us to do all of these things, and stick to the Timetable.