Info for Visitors

About Belgrade:
Belgrade is capital and the largest city of Serbia, with ≈4 million people. It is a hub of all the roads in the region, easily accessible by bus, car or airplane, or even a boat, trough Danube river. Belgrade is classified as a Beta- global city. Belgrade is famous for nightlife, beautiful women, great food and hospitable atmosphere.
More info here
• Town maps with custom made notes of points of interest will be part of the “Welcome” gift bags

For Croatian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Romanian, Greece, Portugal, France and Bulgarian citizens, the entrance to the Republic of Serbia is possible with an ID card. Related Links:

For other countries, please refer here

Setting up:
There are infinite number of tables prepared, covered with black or dark blue cloth, each with electricity, 220V, standard European plug.
Please stick to the Timetable, exceptions must be pre-organized

Friendly AFOL Buddy:
Each team will have a member of Beokocka assigned to help with arrival, setting in Hotel, coming to the event. Each group will have their AFOL Buddy assigned after registration.
Please inform us when you will be arriving, and you Friendly AFOL Buddy will wait you near the city to guide you trough it, if needed.

Safety and First Aid:
For any questions regarding safety or injury, please refer to the Beokocka’s “First Aid and Safety” member on INFO desk. First aid and safety members will have red shirts with Beokocka’s logo

INFO desk:
At the entrance of the main hall (1) there will be INFO desk with custom maps of the event, custom maps of the city, printed timetables, signing in forms and always present member of Beokocka fluid in English and at least one more language (Italian, French, Spanish) who will have all info
• All Beokocka’s members will have clear markings on their shirts, and all will be thoroughly informed about next action or event, and all will be available for inquiring. All members of Beokocka are fluent in English.

AFOL cell:
Inside “Welcome bag” for teamleaders there will be charged cell with Serbian SIM card, and all other teamleader’s numbers memorized and easy to access. This will allow communication with other teamleaders and Event steering group free of charge.
Note: please return your cell phone at the end of the event at INFO desk

Charging Area:
Within AFOL Lounge (2) there will be charging area with most types of cell and lap-top chargers. All visitors are free to use them.

Custom Printed Material:
Due to the easy of organizing by law, you should not expose printed materials around your mocs. All info will be on MOC Cards that event organizers will print.
Clothing and brick built made materials are ok.

“Welcome” and “Thank you” gift bags:
Please note that you have to be 18+ to be allegeable for this gift bags. Gift bags must be picked up personally, and can not be picked up for a friend.

AFOL Lounge (2)
Entrance to the AFOL Lounge is allowed only to visitors with cards. Food and cooled drinks in AFOL Lounge are free for use. AFOL Lounge is acclimatized. WiFi access

Main hall (1)
Entrance to the exhibit is free of charge. Main hall is acclimatized. WiFi access

Recording Team:
Beokocka will have their own recording team that will do interviews and make digital memories of the event. The package with pictures and clips will be posted on site online in easy -to-download files.

Moc tags:
If you are bringing mocs, please provide info about:
• Name of the builder
• Name of the moc(s)
• Number of used bricks
• Time for building
Please send all relevant info to: Kovacs Jonas, This info is not obligatory.

Pickup at the airport:
Please send us information when you will be arriving on the airport, and our shuttle will be there to pick you up, free of charge.

We prepared two bed roms in hotel Miami for only 16 per night, with breakfast. This includes parking, WiFi, jakuzzi, swimming pool, sauna


We will have a shuttle at our disposal for this location. There is also a direct city bus line.

Lugs United visitors have extra discount in Hotel Slavija and Play Hostel
16e per night per person, with breakfast, in Hotel Slavija, 7-10 minutes walk from exhibit
Please contact with your request.
Please note that the number of rooms is limited.

Hotel Slavija
Double and triple bedrooms. The hotel is located a ten-minute walk from the exhibition. The hotel has parking. Air conditioning, wifi.

Play Hostel
Double and triple bedrooms. Hostel is located a few minutes by car from the exhibition, two stations by public transport (bus 23, trolleybuses, 40, 41), or twenty minutes on foot. Air conditioning, wifi. Officially the best hostel in Serbia, 2014.
Beokocka will provide bus/trolleybus tickets
For those who want more of accommodation, we recommend hotels:
Hyatt Regency
Radisson Blue and Old Mill

dinner – AFOL Friday night (diner)

Saturday :
Breakfast: in hotel
Lunch: we recommend “Tako je sudjeno” meals, 2 minutes from event, lunch for 5e. Please consult rout AFOL Buddy
Dinner: AFOL Night

Breakfast: in hotel
Lunch: we recommend “Tako je sudjeno” meals, 2 minutes from event, lunch for 5e. Please consult rout AFOL Buddy

We would ask persons with special needs (allergies, vegetarian or vegan meals, etc.) to contact us by e-mail: or via cell: +381 65 847 4916 (Popovic Nešo)

The official currency of the Republic of Serbian is dinar (RSD). The course is about 120 RSD of 1 €. For guests from abroad, members of Beokocka will be available to refer to the most favorable exchange and help trough the process of changing money. For details, contact cell: +381 65 847 4916 (Popovic Nešo)

Serbia has more or less the same laws like the rest of the Europe. Smoking is allowed in clubs and pubs, unless stated otherwise
Smoking is not allowed inside event premises, including AFOL Lounge.