About event

When, Where and Why:

Traditional exhibition “ Lugs United ” will be held on 10th and 11th September 2016. at the premises of the Children’s Cultural Center Belgrade, at Takovska 8, Belgrade, Serbia.

More details on how to find us easily available here: [link kontakt mapa]

Admission to the exhibition is free

The exhibition area extends over 500 m2, with a main exhibition at the Gallery of the Children’s Cultural Center Belgrade (over 260 m2).
Why? Just For Fun! :)

Who and What:

– My Own Creations (MOC) exhibiting area Main hall (1)
– Children play and workshop area Main hall (1)
AFOL Lounge (2) (100 seats)
Projection Lounge (3) (500 seats)
Meeting Room (4) (30 seats)
• Presence of recognized LEGO® User Groups and their ambassadors, as well as LEGO® User Groups and their representatives
• MOCs will be presented by builders from: Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Brazil, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Denmark, USA, Indonesia, Netherlands, China, South Korea and Serbia
• Moc exhibit will present some of the most prominent moc experts from the world. In printed tags you will recognize names like Mihai Marius Mihu, Sean and Steph Mayo, Alice Finch, Djordje Djokson, Kosmas Santosa, Arzlan, Nathaniel Shields, Absurde Letrange and others.

Collaborative dioramas:null
• Steampunk
• Steampunk pirates
• Steampunk LOTR
• Castle
• Pirates
• Space
• StarWars
• City
• City construction
• Drow
• Fantasy castle
• Superheroes
• Disney
• Tehnics
• Great Ball Contraption
• Chima
• Starcraft
• Warcraft
• WW I
• Dinosaurs
• Ninjago
• Architecture
• Mosaics
• Alien planet
• Mindstorms

Every diorama is open for contributions. Please contact Angeli Ivan (nemamime@yahoo.com) if you would like to be part of our collaborative dioramas no later then 01.08.2016.

• Presentation (see Timetable)
• Friday AFOL Nigh (see Timetable)
• Opening(“Welcome gift bag”) (see Timetable)
• Ambassador meeting (see Timetable)
AFOL Night (Saturday) (“Thank you” gift bag)
• AFOL Party (see Timetable)
• Guided tour (see Timetable)
• AFOL Drinks (see Timetable)

Info and details about Timetable can be found here