Belgrade LUGs United is organized by a team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!


Email: pr@beokocka.rs
Technolug joins the fold

Our friends from LUG Technolug have joined our Family, becoming members of Beokocka, and part of our club experience. They are just as crazy, just as creative and just as happy as we are, so, quite a nice fit ;)

Of course, we celebrated with a meet-up that continued as a party with live music later

It is a question how new this really is, as Technolug members were always present, on events and conventions, but officially becoming part of the club - it was something worth celebrating

We wish them welcome, and hope to party with us until we are old farts who can't find their teeth, but still can assemble Millennium Falcon from 2017 within few hours!

Welcome, and ziveli :D Image description