Belgrade LUGs United is organized by a team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!


Email: pr@beokocka.rs

We have started compiling a library of experiences, advices, solutions and best practices on our site. You can find all info on our Share&Care page (link)

The AFOL community is so big, with so many innovations happening almost every day, that we felt we could use an indexed library of all that knowledge, where dozens of communities and AFOLs contribute

You will find names of giants or pilars of AFOL community inside. knowledge and wisdom are always valuable gifts, and we share them with hope you will share what you have

Do you have some interesting idea or practice that has showed as great? Contact us through nemamime@yahoo.com, and let us share it Image description