Belgrade LUGs United is organized by a team of enthusiasts who believe that socializing is the main virtue of playing with LEGO bricks, and find endles benefits through sharing, smiling and awesome energy!


Email: pr@beokocka.rs
our site structure

Hi friends

I would like to showcase our two sites. First one is site about the club, BEOKOCKA. Let's go together through all it can offer:

HOME PAGE (link) - place where it all starts. Our site is optimized for desktop, so if you are at our Home Page, and you role your mouse wheel, blocks are going to move and you will get another screen, and then the third one, with some extra info. Try it :) MENU PAGE (link) - if you click three horizontal lines in upper left corner, you get the Menu Page - here you have contact info from me and Tamara (you remember her from Lugs United(s), she is in charge of Info Desk team), and links to all other pages: LUGS UNITED (link) - link to our second site, about our (next year seventh) traditional international convention. We will talk about this site more later NEWS (link) - here is our blog, where we post all news and information. You can learn about our action, fun stuff, and anything we think it is important or interesting for global community regarding our club note: this is blog type of page, updated from time to time ACTIVITY (link) - here you can find pictures from our activities, including events, exhibit, activations, fan zones, road trips, conventions, workshops, as well as our creations and silly fun we have pranking each other or simply being stupid relaxed and fun (young in hearth:). The page is divided between three big subjects: social, creative and CSR (Community Social Responsibility). Member favorite subject? "AFOLs having fun" :) CSR (link) - Community Social Responsibility - this is the page where you can learn more about our social responsible activities. The page is divided on three big sections: Humanitarian, Ecology and Educational. If you didn't know, Beokocka started as humanitarian organization, and our legal registered activity is "Non-profit organization of humanitarian character, tasked in caring for children and young adults". We evolved into caring about adults also Share&Care (link) - "Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for" Socrates. In here you can find skills, solutions, examples, shared experiences and "how-to" from clubs around the world, including discussions that have benefital inputs note: this is blog type of page, updated from time to time PRESS (link) - here you can find press clippings, interviews, bloggings, announcements, coverages and everything similar. We estimate over 400 articles online note: this is blog type of page, updated from time to time

INNOVATION (link) - this is the place where we discuss about extraordinary ideas, procedures and solutions in greater details, and how they can help a community note: this is blog type of page, updated from time to time MEMORIES (link) - is page under construction, and when finished, you will be able to browse our old site, all complete with our famous first artistic icon popping page MEET US (link) - in here you can find more about our teams, team leaders and team members. Structure of Beokocka is simple - you have ambassador, left and right hand of ambassador who stretch his/hers reach, team leaders who lead teams, team members who make teams, members, and Operational Director, who is there to gather funds through diplomatic means, including fund raising dinners, meetings, talking mostly. Page is divided on teams, and you can see team leaders and team members with their picture, e-mail and a sentence they have chosen to put. We try to make page as fresh as possible CONTACT (link) - on this page you can find data regarding contact with us, or use the form to contact us [hr]

Now, back to LUGS UNITED site: HOME PAGE (link) -Like with club site, in here you can also scroll with mouse two time for three screens, and also, if you hit the three horizontal lines in upper left corner, you will be taken to Menu Page MENU PAGE - like on club site, in here you have contact persons (Neso or Milica) and menu VISITOR'S KIT (link) - in here you can find a bunch of useful information if you are visiting TIMETABLE (link) - in here you can find information about the timetable of event, when certain actions start and when they end, where they will happen and similar information. You can also download Timetable in PDF format FAQ (link) - we gathered all frequently asked questions on this page, added a healthy dose of humor - and you have interesting material for reading, full of useful facts about event, city and country, from the moment you arrive on airport to the moment you are in the full bus during summer, no air-conditioning, and all windows are closed, and locals insist on this (read more about "the greatest fear and enemy of Serbs - draft":) BLOG (link) - on our blog you can find news about the event. Blog is the best place to follow - if there is something interesting happening, this is the first place where we will publish note: this is blog type of page, updated from time to time REGISTER (link) - on this page you can register as visitor or exhibitor. Process is fast and very simple, and we use it to calculate costs, area, work force needed etc. WHO IS COMING (link) - here you can see who registered to visit our event. People are grouped by the country they have chosen, and inside country by clubs they belong to Memories (link) - In here you can catch few pictures from every LUGS UNITED that happened (and we had six so far :)

This concludes our walkthrough our two sites, and what they can offer. The whole site, from zero, was done in spare time by our IT team, and members who had time to contribute. Do note, if you read trough Share&Care topic on LAN, you know we will share our code and our IT skills, as much as our members can help, to any registered community. Please reach out trough nemamime@yahoo.com I hope you had fun, and see you on next convention! :D