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Club Sea House

Hi friends

Few of us from the club grouped rounded up and we bought house on the sea together!

This is something few of us talked years and years before, and it was a dream until late last year, when we went into negotiations. Few members with appropriate skills went ahead and prepared it, and few of us volunteered to test it, so we took our new club van, and went to the sea for a holiday

We designated the house as “club sea house "and we envisioned it as a place members could go through the whole year on holidays and free days, without need to stretch themselves financially, especially with three vans on the club disposal.

Ideas was to fill it with LEGO bricks and LEGO content, so people can scrap-build while they are resting, but the main idea, as always, is to have a place to socialize that won't affect the budget (we use this philosophy for everything, including our convention, LUGS United, that is why we try to cover all the costs, including travel, to invited communities)

The house comes out on a small, secluded beach that almost no one is visiting for the whole year. We also have a boat that can fit eight persons and small motor, so it is an adventure in the advance :)

But the main reason for this post is the “one with nature” idea, heavily influenced by the “window shop art (link) by ambasador Richard Selby we decided to build animals, plants, rocks end everything that our imagination allows, and to put these creations underwater for our members to find them. This was our test run

Image description Image description Image description

Btw, this is what happens when you are trying to make plans on paper on a bpat full of happy AFOLs :) Image description

Note to all same-minded enthusiasts - LEGO bricks float. A lot :) Image description

Every November we are going to make a draft of schedule for visiting; we will test drive it for this and next year, and after that, if all is ok, we will open the Sea Club House to all the AFOLs who love this kind of adventure, for free, of course. Until then it will become fully equipped, and the sea floor will be covered with LEGO creations

We plan to print a small pamphlet with all locations marked, and we plan to have a full assortment (for every size) of diving masks, snorkels and fins ready. I am also advocating for a diving equipment, but it is still a dream with no financial chance to become reality (at the moment:). If it does, we have two certified diving instructors in the club, and several experienced divers with 2,3 or 4 stars (CMAS) so anyone willing to try can do it safely (I strongly suggest this, some of my loveliest memories are connected with sea, under the surface)

After some time we decided to put down glass aquarium so we can set up more complicated creations underwater. With time, like everything else, this idea will evolve and more and more practical solutions will happen

Our IT team and our logistic team have sworn they will make party area in the garden around the house, with cable slots for music and lights equipment, and I see this as a legacy for community generation that will come after us, kids that are already taking leadership lore and are learning about community caring

I have a vision, a dream: a community of people, who’s hobby drive them together, who become such a good friends that are continuing to socialize outside the hobby boundaries, that unite their resources to build adventures and experiences they could not have pulled alone, including some amazing things, like having a decent place to live, normal incomes, strong and educated offspring, wonderful holidays and experiences that are worth remembering, and retelling

Some of these things are already a dream that came true, some are in development and in realization, some are just dreams with no real means to become java (jet:), but we made a similar dream in 2012, and many, many of it already become true

I hope I will see some of you on the summer of 2020 in the Club Sea House Any contributions of the sea creatures moc you bring with you will be most appreciated :)